Spektrum DX5C Programmable Radio

Spektrum DX5C Programmable Radio

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Key Features

  • Lightweight Design with Comfortable Ergonomics
  • Five-Channel, Full-Proportional Versatility
  • Frequency-Agile, Spektrum™ DSMR® 2.4GHz technology
  • Removable, Non-Slip Rubber Grips
  • Exclusive SimpleScroll™ Interface Delivers Friendly Programming
  • Back Button Makes Navigating the Interface more Intuitive
  • Steering Mix, 4-Wheel Steering Mixing, plus One Assignable Mix
  • Pro-Level Servo Monitor
  • Wheel and Trigger Calibration
  • Bind-Progress Screen Displays Status and Frame Rate
  • Program and Fine-Tune Compatible AVC® Receivers
  • Tone Alarm for Low Battery and Inactivity
  • Compatible with DSMR and DSM2* receivers (DSM2 only operates on 16.5ms frame rate)
  • Includes SR6000 AVC Receiver
  • EN328 Compatible

Product Specifications

# of Channels:                             5
Modulation:                                DSMR, DSM2 (Not Marine Compatible)
Band:                                          2.4GHz
Receiver:                                     SR415
Model Memory:                          20
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type:      AA x 4 (Sold Separately)
Switch:                                        No
Output Strength:                        Full Range